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Alloy or metalic tank restoration 2 to 15 liters tanks

Alloy or metalic tank restoration 2 to 15 liters tanks

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This kit allows you to put a layer of specific polyester resin inside your old tank in case of drain . A grease remover and a rust remoover are also supplied with this kit.

Restoration of metal tanks (steel, copper, brass except stainless steel)

Restom SUPERKIT is the complete treatment to restore the interior of your tank.


Why use Restom Superkit?

The tanks of old cars and motorbikes are often rusty, with the resulting disadvantages:

Clogged filters and carburettors.

Possible piercing of tanks with blistering of the paint.

Bad smells.

Risk of ignition.


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This kit contains:

- 1 X SDT 4060

- 1 X PAC 2030

- 1 X EIR 2000 (resin + hardener)

- 1 X detailed instructions

- 1 X mixing spatula for resin

Current unleaded fuels degrade in the presence of metal and especially rust. The plasticization provided by
treatment considerably reduces this degradation and avoids deposits in tanks and carburetors.
To permanently repair these tanks, we offer treatment kits specially developed for this purpose.
These kits are pre-measured for one tank. Our know-how is based on more than 29 years of experience in these treatments.


Compatible with the following fuels SP95 / SP95-E10 / SP98 / Diesel / RNG / Avgas 100LL

Compatible with our fueladditives ADDIT 4000 and Stabessence 6075 fuel additives, used in the recommended doses.

Compatibility with additives of other brands is not guaranteed!


If you experience shortages after your treatment :

If you have chosen a kit that is too small, or by poor handling you have not coated the entire surface, you can make a resin patch by ordering only the resin and hardener with the EIR 2000.
- If the resin has been poorly applied, delamination due to a shock (crack), poor rinsing with water of the rust remover or poor resin-hardener ratio: proceed with its stripping with Restom DKPANT 4031 according to the attached procedure, then treat with Restom Superkit.


If another treatment than Restom EIR 2000 is already present in the tank:

Pre-stripping is mandatory with Restom DKPANT 4031 The DKPANT 4031 canremove most of the coatings present in the tanks (e.g. the original BMW red coating), but can be ineffective in some cases.
We therefore offer you a free test stripping on samples of coatings that you will have sent us by mail.
After stripping, treat with Restom SuperKit.


These kits are pre-built for one tank and are sized according to the capacity of the tank, see below:

Tanks with 1 bulkhead: take a larger kit, especially if you are close to the maximum capacity that the kit can handle

Tanks with more than one wall: Please contact us


Suitable for tanks with defects such as seepage, pitting of less than 0.5mm, micro-cracks, etc.

The treatment is easy to perform and requires no tools.
The resin begins to thicken after about 2 hours. This slow curing speed ensures careful distribution.

 Think of our soft plugs for your fuel tank inlets and outlets.