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Whilst plodding along on our mopeds, we would all glance longingly at those terrific Trail bikes like TY, Cotas, Bultaco and others.Not having one of our own, a simple 70 tooth rear sprocket and 18 km on the clock would make us tingle.

Now with FRANCE TRIAL CLASSIC you can live out your dreams!!

FRANCE TRIAL CLASSIC uses all its know-how to bring your passion to life within a strict and acceptable budget.

Do you already own one of these machines?We can supply you with nearly all spares available for maintenance and restoration, being able to make unobtainable spares to order.Do you still not have one?

We stock a variety of carefully restored bikes.

For FRANCE TRIAL CLASSIC the adventure doesn’t end there…

With our friend, the multiple and charismatic world champion Mick Andrews, we run classic trial training courses. You will discover just how Mick master this fantastic sport and to what extent his vision is sharpened to be able to tailor-make his advice, accompanying you throughout the stages.Don’t wait any longer and make your passion come alive again with FRANCE TRIAL CLASSIC.