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MONTESA 247 - 348 - 349 Trial electronic ignition

MONTESA Cota 247, 348 & 349 electronic ignition

€439.95 Tax included

Comes with (French & english) instruction sheet without flywheel extractor (27x125). With lighting coil regulated in 12v


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A 27x125 flywheel puller is required ref E046


We offer for sale only ignitions specially manufactured for us of exclusive design.


Our Trial bikes are not GP track bikes, nor Kartings. Selling ignitions with unsuitable and, above all, too light flywheel weights is not serious business.

What's more, the improved performance of these ignitions makes it possible to slightly increase the weight of the original flywheel on some bikes. For others, on the contrary, it's important to reduce it slightly to optimize the engine, always seeking the best torque/power ratio.

The right flywheel does not depend at all on displacement, but on the overall design of the engine (does it have flaps like a TY Yamaha, or a clutch-side inertia counterweight like a Bultaco ....).

So, the equation is not: one flywheel weight for one displacement, but one weight per machine type, after careful testing and custom flywheel manufacture. Strange as it may seem, a TY175 will perform admirably with a 3kg+ flywheel, while a Bultaco 250 will perform best with a 1.7kg flywheel.

For all these reasons, our flywheels, depending on the bike, range from 1.680kg to 4kg......